The Trump Administration’s Push To Get Voters’ Personal Information Is On Hold For Now

The Trump Administration’s Push To Get Voters’ Personal Information Is On Hold For Now

Lee County, FL (July 21, 2017)  The Trump administration’s push to get voters’ personal information from states is on hold for now, but the battle over electoral laws and rules is just beginning and still sowing confusion among some voters.

Florida’s Secretary of State will only share information that is already public information. Florida will not share social security numbers, driver’s license numbers, or a copy of a voter’s signature. This information is protected.

It is impossible to provide information about who someone voted for because your right to vote a secret ballot is a law in Florida.  Florida Statute 101.041 states that in all elections held on any subject which may be submitted to a vote, and for any state, county, district, or municipal officers, the voting shall be by secret, official ballot as provided by this code, and no vote shall be received or counted in any election, except as prescribed by this code.

The state has agreed to provide voters’ names, addresses, and election history regarding the elections they voted in going back to 2006, citizenship status, military status and political party affiliation.  That information, however, is being held until the Washington lawsuit, filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, is resolved.

A few people have come in person to unregister, some have emailed their requests and more have called asking about it.  Most of them are just doing it to make a statement.

If or when the Florida Department of State releases the information, it will be based on the June 30, 2017, voter rolls.  Anyone removing themselves from the voter rolls after June 30th should realize that their information is still in the system as of that day and remains public record.

So many before us fought, in the fields of battle, politics, government and beyond, to ensure this far into our nation’s future that you would still have the privilege of casting your vote. Don’t let an action you disagree with have the effect of silencing your most powerful tool to change it: your vote.

Believe that your vote counts, so get out and vote!

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