Poll Workers

Poll Workers

Election Worker Requirements:

  • Be a registered voter in Lee County.
  • Read, write and speak the English language.
  • Attend a mandatory training class prior to each election.
  • Provide your transportation to and from the polls.
  • Be able to deal with the public in a courteous, patient and efficient manner.
  • Be nonpartisan on Election Day.
  • You may not be a person whose name appears on the ballot.
  • Work a minimum of fourteen (14) hours on Election Day.

Positions available:

Voter Assistance Inspector ‐ Assists voters that require assistance in voting. Prefer applicants that can read and write Spanish and English fluently.
Inspector ‐ Verifies the voter is eligible to vote in the precinct using an electronic poll pad and issues ballots to voters.
Precinct Deputy ‐ Maintains order at the polling place.

What happens after if I submit an application on the Supervisor of Elections website?

A staff member from the Poll Worker Department will contact you to set up a brief interview. The interview will take approximately thirty (30) minutes of your time. All interviews and training classes are conducted at the Lee County Elections Center, 13180 S. Cleveland Ave., Fort Myers.

If you are selected to work, you will be mailed a letter just prior to the election. The letter will indicate the date and time you are scheduled to attend your training class. The precinct and position you are assigned to work will be indicated in the letter.

Florida state law requires each election worker attend a training class prior to each election. Our training classes are position specific and include hands‐on training. You must attend your scheduled training class, or you will not be permitted to work.

How much money will I earn?

Election workers are paid for their service. You will be paid after working the election. Your pay includes compensation for attending your required training class. The current rate of pay is as follows:

Voter Assistance Inspector (Bi‐lingual preferred): $225
Inspector $175
Deputy $175
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