Fort Myers Technical College Cyber Security Training and Networking Students Tour Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office

Fort Myers Technical College Cyber Security Training and Networking Students Tour Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office

Lee County, FL (December 1, 2017) On Tuesday, November 21, 2017, Information Technology Director, Stephen Brittain, gave a tour of the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Main Office to students from Fort Myers Technical College who are studying with Dr. M. Rene Rawe’s in her Cyber Security Training and Networking class.

Stephen, who serves on the Curriculum Advisory Board of Fort Myers Technical College, has partnered with Dr. M. Rene Rawe since 2015 to give students practical lessons in how to apply what they learn in her classes in real life settings.

Stephen addressed many topics with the students including the importance of a good reputation and how they should avoid getting into legal trouble, and the fact that they will have to communicate and interact with many personalities in a work environment.

The importance of a Continuity of Operations Plan (COOP) was fully addressed by Stephen. He shared how we applied our plan this past September with Hurricane Irma.

Students visited the Information Technology Department where they learned about our mapping system and our voter registration system.

When students visited the Vote by Mail Department, staff shared the protocols we have to receive and accept vote-by-mail ballots and the procedures we follow to process vote-by-mail ballots for tabulation on the high-speed scanners.

The Tabulation Center, Stephen explained, is where the vote-by-mail ballots are counted, and election results are modemed in from the precincts on Election Night. The room is strictly secured with only one key available for staff, cameras, and stringent rules for who has access and when people are allowed in the room.

Students participated in a mock election and watched their ballots tabulated on the high-speed scanners in the Tabulation Center where Stephen spoke about the safeguards we have in place at each step to protect and ensure the integrity of every election

“I liked how your team knows about cybersecurity and how everyone has a role to play” Aaron M.

“I enjoyed listening to the details of your protocols of COOP and reciting the laws. Those are all very important attributes when protecting the accuracy of elections. You must have integrity to be successful in this line of work.” Deven L.

“I’m in Technology Support in Dr. Rawe’s office and have learned a lot from you.” Donna S.

“I enjoyed hearing about the new cybersecurity tools you are using and will be using in the future. I enjoyed seeing where the ballots are counted and being able to do a mock ballot.” The machine was very quick with the results.” Emma S.

“When you explained how you got your position at the company, that was very helpful and useful.  When looking for Computer related jobs in the IT industry I will remember your advice.” Larry L.

“I really enjoyed learning about some of the ways you and your department manage to keep everything secure and how your office handles the elections. I also liked hearing about your team-based approach towards cybersecurity, where everyone in the department had a role to play in keeping your network and all of your data secure.” Noah M.

“You were very informative and helpful, I never knew that there was so much involved with the election process. I enjoyed all the information you provided, I learned a lot. I especially enjoyed learning about your different systems and the technologies involved with your work.” William S.

Fort Myers Technical College students are mentored by other Information Technology experts locally as well.

The mission of the Lee County Supervisor of Elections Office is to provide superior election services to the voters of Lee County.


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